Wow, what a year!


holly-christmas-berries-wallpapers-1024x7681Hello my gardening friends.  While the news in general has been downright crazy, it’s the weather that’s kept me and my clients in the lurch this year. The drought and fires have been mostly conquered here in WNC, thank heavens.  For many of you, we have not been able to plant or tend to plantings due to the dry conditions for many months..

This week’s rain has been so welcome, it’s been tempting to just lay down in the gentle precipitation and rejoice.  Even my very dried-up pond is slowly refilling.  I discovered that for the first time,  during the drought my rhododendron shrubs near the house had sent roots into the septic pipes causing all sorts of flooding and mayhem in the basement!

But this week for the first time in months, we’ll be doing an real installation for Harvest Moon Gardens very first customer, back in 2006.  I placed an ad in the Smoky Mountain News that year. And she responded quickly. Gratefully and surprisingly, it’s the only ad I’ve ever had to place, since you all have done a great job of word-of-mouth advertising!

Now that the ground is wet and not yet frozen, we hope to get some plants in the ground for you, so please contact me to let me know what you need.

As the holidays near, I find myself feeling so grateful for our wonderful landscape clients who appreciate the quiet work we do with our watercolor designs, planting and maintenance  of mostly native shrubs and flowers. We are so blessed.

As is my usual holiday gift, I’m making a donation in your honor to Clean Slate Coalition, the organization I helped found in 2010 to house women leaving incarceration, drug treatment facilities,and homelessness located here in Jackson County.  We serve women from any location and welcome your referrals, as addiction, sadly, is a way of life/death for so many.  I make this gift in your honor, and welcome any contributions you may make yourselves. If you would like to donate, just send me a check to Clean Slate Coalition, or click the donate button on our website,

Wishing each of you a time of peace and love for the holidays.